My first post!

Hello readers!

I’m Mike and this going to be mine blog about my new passion – 3d modelling. I’m just strating to learn about this kind a stuff so, if you looking for professional opinion about CG, you’re in wrong place pal 🙂

You maybe asking, why I’m starting to learn modeling in first place? Well it’s simple… I always liked 3d world and recently surfing in internet I found out, that you actually can earn some cash by making and selling quality models on those 3d models marketplaces.

“What do you try to model?” you can ask. It’s pretty simple. Me – being a gamer and a guy first thing I’ll try to do will be model from game that I play now. Don’t really know which one tank I’m going to model right now, but we’ll see in future.

So, first thing I’ll need for that is 3d modeling software and some tutorials. I’ll try to search and will post about my finding.


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